Retail Management Services

We empower retail teams through data-driven solutions.

Our Strategic Approach

As the retail landscape rapidly evolves, the need to reimagine retail management grows.

Uptify’s unique solution, shaped by decades of experience steering retail excellence, employs our AI platform to optimize three key areas: performance, operations and teams.

Central to our strategy is the daily presence of a local retail manager. They ensure agile adjustments for operational excellence and increased profitability, bringing innovative solutions directly into stores. This localized network, coupled with our high-performance culture, accelerates a brand’s transformation.

Service Plans


Performance Management

  • Sales monitoring
  • C/X action plans
  • Local activities supervision

Operations Management

  • Process optimization
  • Costs rationalization
  • Inventory management

Team Management

  • Supervision & management of local teams: objectives, tasks & planning
  • Engagement programs : coaching, training & mentoring​


Staffing Solutions

  • Sourcing of candidates​
  • Permanent & interim contracts​
  • HR Administration ​

Back Office

  • Accounting
  • Financial controlling
  • Legal/subsidiary

Network Expansion

  • Location research
  • Lease negotiation
  • Supervision of opening operations & team on-boarding

We cater to every retail channel…

Our turn-key and data-driven solutions seamlessly adapt to diverse retail environments



We bridge the gap between a brand and their department store partners, ensuring continuous communication and a harmonious connection with their management team.



Whether in the heart of a metropolis or the serene landscapes of remote corners, we elevate every flagship and mono-brand boutique into a high-performing powerhouse.



We highlight the value that outlets provide brands, as a strategic avenue to enhance visibility and to create opportunities for value-conscious consumers to experience premium offerings.


Pop Ups

We maximize the impact of temporary retail spaces, focusing on every detail from location selection, technology integration, logistics coordination and staffing.

…through our global network.

We’re on a swift journey of expansion throughout EMEA, proudly serving clients in France, Spain, the UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

What to expect from our solutions


Our core competency is boosting overall efficiency and productivity. Through our “all-hands-on-deck” approach, we tackle issues locally before reaching Head Office, ensuring timely solutions and preventing delays to strategic objectives.

Market Expertise

Our network of local retail managers is deeply rooted in their respective communities, offering invaluable connections and abundant resources, resulting in a profound understanding of the local market.

Cost Savings

Our performance-based business model aligns with our brand partners, offering opportunities for significant cost reductions in labor, training and infrastructure,  ideal for brands seeking a more flexible and cost-effective foundation.


Our continuous expansion throughout EMEA equips brands with scalable options to navigate diverse retail environments. Whether gearing up for expansion or streamlining operations, we offer the flexibility to tailor services to your needs.

Access to Advanced Technology

Our innovative AI-generated platform offers brands a unique solution, enabling them to benefit from the latest tools and technologies without any upfront investments. Plus, our tools are customized and optimized every business’s specific needs.

Lowered Administrative Burden

Our integrated back-office services, including our hotline support, alleviate administrative burdens and reduce costs of internal teams, enabling our partners to streamline operations and allocate resources more efficiently.

Mitigated Risk

We assist businesses in navigating risks during corporate transitions or transformations, drawing on extensive experience to address diverse challenges and implement effective risk management strategies that safeguard our partners’ interests.

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