Your Partner in retail

At Uptify, we believe partnerships are vital for growth, profitability, and long-term success in the dynamic world of retail.

Partnerships are core of our value proposition, playing a crucial role in our culture and creating a sustainable ecosystem that benefits all parties involved, particularly in the current state of the retail industry.

Thanks to Uptify, Brands access a wider range of services and expertise, coupled with an entrepreneurial mindset, allowing them to articulate their business more effectively.

« We launched Uptify specifically to address the changing retail landscape. »

Our team, headquartered in the heart of Paris, France, brings together a wealth of retail management and retail director experience. These industry veterans, strategically located across key European markets, possess an invaluable understanding of local trends and consumer nuances – ensuring we deliver solutions that resonate on a global scale.

Our agency is molded by two fundamental methodologies

Agility is our constant

It’s clear that the pre-digital retail management structure is no longer relevant in the omni-channel era. Our approach, from how we manage stores to how we manage the people in those stores, focuses on being adaptable to the ongoing changes within this new retail landscape. We don’t roll with the punches – we anticipate them and adapt in advance.

A deep dive into the data, store visits, interviews, inventory-take, and check of procedures, are set to identify priority lists, roadmap, and requirements.

Then, we run one-to-two-week timeboxes called sprints set to address and solve pain points on KPIs.

Daily Scrum Meeting
Every morning, we have a daily scrum of 15 minutes with the Brand to identify the status quo and review progress.

Steering Committee
Every month, we conduct a complete review of performances and progress with the Brand’s stakeholders, helping us secure full transparency and alignment for higher results.

We champion a culture
of high-performance

We run your stores as if they were our own. To us, this sentiment is worth repeating because it encapsulates our commitment to excellence and accountability. Our team approaches store management with a sense of ownership, treating each establishment as a personal investment. Clear communication, collaborative efforts and a shared focus on achieving outstanding results define our approach. We understand that the success of your stores is intertwined with our own, driving us to consistently exceed expectations and create an environment where every team member feels a deep sense of responsibility.

✔️   Clear and shared goals
✔️   Accountability
✔️   Continuous development
✔️   Performance feedback
✔️   Collaboration and teamwork
✔️   Recognition and reward


Our unwavering dedication to people and their wellbeing is at the heart of our organization, guiding every action ​and impacting every decision.

The Impact

By embracing this principle, we unleash the potential of retail sales teams, leading to enhanced performance and ultimately higher turnover for our clients.

« It’s the people who breathe life into offline stores, creating connections and opportunities that can’t be replicated online. »

Our 3 pillars

A cornerstone of Uptify is our commitment to a high-performance retail culture (HPC). By creating and optimizing this culture, Uptify drives transformative change that benefits every team member.


We work to align the engagement, focus, reliability and most importantly, the motivation, of all team members.


We nurture a belief system focused on teamwork, communication, priority management & multi-tasking.


We harness all data points and personnel support to develop innovative solutions that enhance efficiency & agility.​

Our ESG Policies

Gender Parity

We’ve removed any gender pay gap within our team and instead we use skills-based assessments

Plus, we provide a structure for women to mentor men in key roles.

Inclusive Hiring

We allocate 20% of our positions specifically for facilitating the professional integration of disabled and senior employees.

Profit Sharing

We extend our commitment to our employees through a competitive employee profit-sharing plan.

Volunteer Time-Off

We support our employees’ engagement in volunteering and charitable activism by offering up to 20 hours per year for these activities.

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