Store Opening

Discover Uptify Ecosystem

Alliance of market expertise and technologies to provide
a one-stop retail management solution.

Manage the unpredictable—the success of opening
a shop depends on preparation, coordination,
control of deadlines and respect of the budget.


• Coordinate all phases of the store process: upstream and downstream for all types
of outlets: boutiques, shops, corners and pop-ups
• Leverage local expertise so you stay focused on your global business


• Search location and lease negotiation
• Coordinate the construction project
• Recruit and onboard sales team
• Supervise stock delivery, entry in the system
• Set up operations, procedures and systems
• Coordinate marketing activities related to store opening
• Implement in-store visual merchandising and windows
• Prepare day-to-day operations
• Manage all administrative process and compliance


• Be accompanied by local experts
• Increase opportunities for success from the opening
• Technical support for 30 days after opening