Retail Management

Discover Uptify Ecosystem

Alliance of market expertise and technologies to provide
a one-stop retail management solution.

Store at their best: Accelerate your path to retail
excellence and maximize your retail performances
with a unified and scalable front to back retail
management solution.


• Elevate employee engagement at every point of sales
• Enhance customer experience to drive growth
• Fast-track path to retail excellence
• Increase profitability in every store


• Store Visits
• Sales performances
• Staff coaching and development
• Product training & collaborative learning
• Store planning
• Incentives
• Tasks management
• Recruitment / staffing
• Visual merchandising
• Promotions & marketing
• Help desk


• Execute your strategy faster
• Track your performances constantly and locally
• Increase your sales, productivity
• Reduce your operating cost
• Foster faster communication between HQ and stores
• Stronger employee engagement
• Centralized overview of all data and operational activities
• We inspire, empower, engage and develop our sales team